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Our experimental treatment centres

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Arthritis Research UK has established a network of experimental arthritis and osteoarthritis treatment centres to facilitate and support the testing and early development of novel interventions in the treatment of arthritis and related conditions:

Experimental arthritis treatment centres

Each EATC receives up to a maximum of £75,000 per annum for five years. Support is for three years, renewable for a further two based on activity after which time the scheme will be reviewed.

Eight experimental arthritis treatment centres (EATCs) have been awarded, based on competitive application and external review. Each award provides additional support to an existing experimental treatment resource to yield an enhanced platform for the delivery of ‘first in man’ / ‘first in disease’ studies of novel arthritis therapies.

EATC location

Grant holder


Christopher Buckley


Ernest Choy


Iain McInnes

King's College London

Andrew Cope


John Isaacs


Peter Taylor

Queen Mary University of London

Costantino Pitzalis


Michael Beresford 

Experimental osteoarthritis treatment centres

We have also established two experimental osteoarthritis treatment centres (EOTCs) with the remit to test the role of novel biomechanical interventions for the primary and secondary prevention of osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee.

The EOTCs are based in institutions with expertise in clinical studies of osteoarthritis interventions and in undertaking the necessary detailed patient characterisation (imaging, gait analysis and other relevant investigations) to assess mechanisms of action and appropriate phenotypes for intervention.

Funding provides support for infrastructure, grant holders are be expected to build on this to deliver a platform of studies testing novel biomechanical interventions working where appropriate with suitable industry partners. The EOTCs receive up to a maximum of £50,000 per annum for five years. Support will be for three years, renewable for a further two based on activity after which time the scheme will be reviewed.

EOTC location

Grant holder


Philip Conaghan


Andrew Price

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