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Grant application roles

All applications for Arthritis Research UK grants must be submitted via our online system Grant Tracker

A number of roles are available within the application some of which are compulsory (*) and others as required or wanted by the applicant to be included.

The roles available are:

Principal/lead applicant*

This is the individual who will lead the work on the grant and be responsible to Arthritis Research UK to ensure the conditions of award are met.

They'll be based in a UK university, hospitals or recognised academic research institutes in the UK.

The principal/lead applicant must open the application form on grant tracker and add the other key personnel who can then add information.


Individual who will have had intellectual input into the application and is expected to be involved in the project.

There's no limit to the number of co-applicants who can be involved in the application.

A co-applicant who's based outside the UK may be included in the application.


An individual named in the body of the application who will supply research materials, specific expertise or access to patients, but won't be involved in the day-to-day execution of the project.

Pre-award administrator

This individual can enter the data into an application on behalf of the principal/lead and is also the point of contact person for administrative issues. Their details will not show on the application once it's been submitted.


Only required for fellowship applications and they should be submitted jointly. The sponsor must hold a tenured position at the host institution. The sponsor guarantees facilities and resources for the tenure of an award.


Supervisor roles are only required for PhD scholarship applications. Applications should be made by the proposed supervisor at an eligible institute and should include a named student.

Finance officer*

All full applications (not outline or intent applications) will require a finance officer to be included on the application as a signatory. They'll approve the finance details in the application once the applicant has pressed submit. Once the finance officer approves the application will then require the head of departments approval.

Head of department*

All applications require a head of department to be added as a signatory. Only when the head has approved the application will it be submitted.

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