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Arthritis news

The latest news on exceptional science and other developments to help people push back the ways arthritis limits their lives.

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Biosimilar therapies for rheumatoid arthritis 'not suitable for all patients'

17 June 2016

A new study has shed light on the fact that biosimilar versions of the anti-TNF therapy infliximab may not be suitable for all rheumatoid arthritis patients.

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Repetitive physical workloads 'can increase risk of rheumatoid arthritis'

14 June 2016

A new study has offered evidence that prolonged repetitive physical workloads can increase a person's risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

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Anti-TNF study sheds new light on how they function

08 June 2016

A new study has found that the anti-TNF therapy adalimumab partly works by enhancing a particular function of TNF in rheumatoid arthritis patients, providing a new insight into why different anti-TNFs offer varying levels of effectiveness.

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Etanercept/methotrexate treatment for rheumatoid arthritis 'can be safely tapered'

07 June 2016

Patients with early rheumatoid arthritis who respond well to etanercept/methotrexate therapy can safely reduce their dosage while achieving similar outcomes, according to a new study.

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Young people with lupus 'feel limited by their condition'

03 June 2016

Young lupus patients perceive they have limited physical and social capacities, highlighting the need for interventions to address these issues.

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Lupus patients 'at higher risk of developing other health conditions'

27 May 2016

A new UK study has indicated that people with lupus are more likely than the general population to experience comorbidities like heart disease, stroke, cancer and osteoporosis.

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New knee band 'could help measure sounds inside the joint'

26 May 2016

A knee band with microphones and vibration sensors is being developed to listen to and measure sounds inside the joint, potentially making it possible to monitor injuries and detect signs of arthritis in future.

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Arthroscopic hip surgery 'not always the best choice for arthritis'

24 May 2016

A new US study has indicated that arthroscopic hip surgery is on the rise, but also that it may not always be the best choice for patients with arthritis.

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New bioglass technology 'could make it possible to regrow cartilage'

16 May 2016

A new form of bioglass is being developed that can mimic cartilage and potentially encourage it to re-grow.

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Obesity 'can reduce prospect of successful rheumatoid arthritis treatment'

10 May 2016

A new study has shown how obesity can decrease the odds of achieving remission in rheumatoid arthritis and negatively impact disease activity and patient-reported outcomes during therapy.

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