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pGALS complete examination (without commentary)

[This video clip has no commentary. The transcript below records the doctor–patient dialogue.]

OK, I want to see you walking now. OK so just walk into the corner and turn around and come back. Walk as normally as possible. That’s great, come back. Well done.

Now, I want you just to walk into the corner again, this time walking on your heels, walking like that. Does that feel OK? Doesn’t hurt anywhere? Now come back, stop there for a moment, now come back on your tip-toes. How does that feel? Not hurting? Well done, ok.

Now, will you come and have a seat on the couch? Thomas I’d like to look at your hands if that’s ok. So, put your hands out in front of you like that. That’s great. And then turn your hands right over. Excellent. And make a nice tight fist. Good, then back over. Put your finger and thumb together like me, like that. Turn your hands right over and if I just squeeze there, how’s that? No problem. Well done.

Then put your hands like that for me, then put your elbows right up but keep your hands together. Is that comfortable? Excellent. Then put your hands like that and put your elbows straight; keep your hands together. Is that comfortable? Well done. OK, and now put your hands up, super-straight, right above your head and look up to the ceiling at the same time. How’s that? And then, hands behind your head, elbows right back. Does that feel alright? Good. Right down and relax, then head to one side, ear on shoulder. Other side, ear on shoulder. Excellent.

Now take your three middle fingers, like that, put them together. Open your jaw as wide as you can and put those three fingers in. Well done, ok. And relax.

Just lie yourself down now on your back. I just want to check your legs from the end of the bed, Thomas. Can I just expose your thigh muscles a little bit? Is that alright? If you just relax, I’m just going to roll your shorts up a little bit. That’s great, OK.

Alright, I’m just going to touch your knees now. Let me know if anything hurts. Now can you just bend this leg up and take your heel up to your bottom as far as you can take it. Great, and back down again now, and relax. And the same again with that left leg. Great. Come out straight and just relax now. I’m going to bend your leg now, so just relax and let me just bend this right leg. Good. Is that quite comfortable? And I’ll try the same with the left leg. OK, how’s that? Is that comfortable? Excellent. Thank you. And just relax.

Do you want to stand up for me now please? Just swing your legs around, and stand and face the window please. Can you put your feet straight forward? Great. I’ll just look at you from the back – nice and straight for me – and from the side. OK. Now, can you bend forward now, touching your toes, keeping your legs nice and straight. That’s great. And up you come.

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