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Our finances and pay

This information is correct as at April 2017.

Our approach to pay

We employ just under 220 people who are based:

  • in our main offices in London and Chesterfield
  • at home supporting our volunteers in local communities
  • in our shops.

We believe that although the charity sector can’t, and shouldn’t, compete with the commercial sector on pay, we must offer a fair salary for the skills and the experience that we need to run a high performing, cost-effective and successful charity.

Our remuneration policy is based on transparency and equality. We:

  • make sure that our roles are paid at a similar level to other roles in the sector – we use relevant benchmarking information when setting salaries and participate in several charity sector pay and benefit surveys
  • pay salaries that recognise the specific skills that employees bring to their role
  • review our pay levels annually
  • pay all our employees at or above the UK living wage as determined by the Living Wage Foundation
  • recognise and reward the individual contribution of each employee through our annual appraisal system
  • apply the same terms and conditions of employment and eligibility for employment benefits to all of our people, including our senior leadership team
  • are open about how much we pay our employees and why.

The table below shows the gross annual salary distribution of all our employees on a full-time equivalent (FTE) basis within £5,000 bands as at April 2017.

As at April 2017 all employees are paid at the UK living wage as determined by the Living Wage Foundation of £8.45 per hour or above.

Salary banding Number of employees whose FTE salary falls within banding
£15,000–£19,999 34
£20,000–£24,999 28
£25,000–£29,999 38
£30,000–£34,999 30
£35,000–£39,999 26
£40,000–£44,999 31
£50,000–£54,999 9
£55,000–£59,999 9
£60,000–£54,999 2
£65,000–£69,999 0
£70,000–£74,999 2
£75,000–£79,999 0
£90,000–£94,999 1
£95,000–£99,000 4
£100,000–£104,999           1
£140,000–£145,999                        1

Senior management pay

As with all of our roles, our senior leadership team’s pay is reviewed annually and is benchmarked with other salaries in the sector. Members of the senior leadership team are highlighted in the table below as SLT.

The performance of our chief executive officer and members of our senior leadership team is assessed against the same criteria as all other employees as part of our annual appraisal and pay award process.

We think it is important to publish the details of all roles paid a basic gross full-time equivalent salary of more than £60,000 a year (this information is correct as at April 2017). Some senior posts referenced, like our Head of Digital, Head of Services, and Director of Strategic Development, were part-time roles, so their actual salary was lower than the salary banding in the table below.

FTE salary banding Job title  Gender FTE
£60,000–£64,999 Head of Finance & Procurement
M 1.0
Head of Policy & Public Affairs F 1.0

Head of Digital F 0.80
Head of Services
Director of Strategic Development (SLT)

Director of Fundraising (SLT)
Director of HR and Organisational Development (SLT)
Director of External Affairs (SLT)
F 1.0
Director of Finance & Corporate Services (SLT)
£100,000–£104,999 Director of Research and Programmes (SLT)
M 1.0 
£140,000–£144,999 Chief Executive Officer (SLT)
M 1.0

Note: where no individuals fall within a £5,000 band in the table above the band is not included. This information is correct as at April 2017.

Our pay ratios

Our highest paid employee receives a gross annual salary of £142,647, which is 4.6 times higher than our median annual salary of £31,000 and 9.3 times more than our lowest salary of £15,379.

For more information on our gender pay ratios please click here.

More details on how we’re governed and our finances can be found in our annual report and accounts.

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Our gender pay ratios

We are committed to equality and diversity within the workplace and believe that diversity within the workplace is an important part of creating a thriving and effective organisation.

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