Arthritis Research UK has a range of patient information booklets and leaflets, to provide an ongoing source of information and support to patients. The resources were written by medical professionals following research into what patients really need. The booklets and leaflets have been specifically developed to meet these needs, designed to be straightforward, clear, completely up to date and jargon free.

We also publish a number of educational resources aimed at health professionals and students, including a handbook and DVDs demonstrating clinical examination techniques and regular reports covering developments in the assessment and management of arthritis and related conditions.

These publications are available for free electronic download or physical copies can be ordered and delivered to registered users.

Please note, orders for certain publications may take two to three weeks to reach you.

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Keep moving booklet cover

Keep moving

Order or download the keep moving booklet. It's for people with arthritis who want to know more about how they can exercise safely and includes a poster.


Looking after your joints when you have arthritis booklet cover

Looking after your joints

Order or download the looking after your joints booklet. It explains how you can reduce the pain and strain in your joints and help to reduce the risk of joint deformities.


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Meet the rheumatology team booklet cover

Meet the rheumatology team

Order or download the meet the rheumatology team booklet. It explains the roles of each member of the rheumatology team, how you get referred and how they may be able to help.


Pain and arthritis booklet cover

Pain and arthritis

Order or download the pain and arthritis booklet which explains what causes pain, how it can be treated and what you can do to help yourself.


Living with long term pain: a guide to self-management front cover

Living with long-term pain: a guide to self-management

Order or download our guide on living with long-term pain, which gives self-help tips on how to cope with pain and lets you track your experiences through handy charts.


Pregnancy and arthritis booklet cover

Pregnancy and arthritis

Order or download the pregnancy and arthritis booklet. It looks at what you should know before you start trying for a family, what effects your medication might have and what to expect during the pregnancy.


Sex and arthritis booklet cover

Sex and arthritis

Order or download the sex and arthritis booklet. Arthritis can affect many different aspects of your life, and sex is no exception.


Sleep and arthritis booklet cover

Sleep and arthritis

Order or download the sleep and arthritis booklet. A sleep problem can make the fatigue associated with arthritis worse and affect mood, memory and concentration.


Splints for arthritis of the wrist and hand booklet cover

Splints for arthritis of the wrist and hand

Order or download the splints for arthritis of the wrist and hand booklet. Wrist and hand splints are provided to people who need protection and support for painful, swollen or weak joints and their surrounding structures.


Sport and exercise injuries booklet cover

Sports and exercise injuries

Order or download the sports and exercise injuries booklet which explains how training, proper technique and preparation can help to prevent injuries, and advises on what to do when injuries occur.



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