Arthritis Research UK has a range of patient information booklets and leaflets, to provide an ongoing source of information and support to patients. The resources were written by medical professionals following research into what patients really need. The booklets and leaflets have been specifically developed to meet these needs, designed to be straightforward, clear, completely up to date and jargon free.

We also publish a number of educational resources aimed at health professionals and students, including a handbook and DVDs demonstrating clinical examination techniques and regular reports covering developments in the assessment and management of arthritis and related conditions.

These publications are available for free electronic download or physical copies can be ordered and delivered to registered users.

Please note, orders for certain publications may take two to three weeks to reach you.

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ANCA-associated vasculitis

Topical Reviews | Series 7 | No 1 | Autumn 2012


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Ultrasound in rheumatology

Topical Reviews | Series 6 | No 9 | Summer 2011


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The foot and ankle in rheumatology

Topical Reviews | Series 6 | No 8 | Spring 2011


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