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Open access policy

Arthritis Research UK is the charity dedicated to stopping the devastating impact that arthritis has on people’s lives. We are committed to ensuring that the published results of the research we fund are made as freely and widely available as possible. Open access is an important means of maximising the impact of our research, which facilitates the sharing of knowledge amongst the scientific community and enables our supporters to access the research they fund.

Open access options and costs:

  • From 1 October 2014, Arthritis Research UK will contribute to Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) to support the payment of article processing charges. The fund is a partnership between medical research charities and will be available to a number of UK institutions.
    Authors should apply to their host institution to access this fund.
  • Authors supported by research funding from Arthritis Research UK, but based at an institution which is not supported by COAF, can apply to Arthritis Research UK for open access funding if their host institution is unable to meet these costs.

Authors can comply with Arthritis Research UK policy by self-archiving their publication in Europe PMC within six months of publication.

Arthritis Research UK:

  • Requires electronic copies of any research papers that have been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and which are wholly or partially funded by Arthritis Research UK to be made available through the open access repository Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC) within six months of publication.
  • Recommends researchers funded by Arthritis Research UK select publishing routes that ensure the work is available immediately on publication in its final published form, wherever such options exist for their journal of choice and are compliant with our policy.
  • 1) Requires authors and publishers to licence research papers using a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY) where article processing charges (APCs) are met through the COAF. This is so that they may be freely copied and re-used (for example, for text- and data- mining purposes) providing that uses are fully attributed.
    2) Recommends authors and publishers licence research papers using a CC-BY where APCs are met by Arthritis Research UK.

These requirements apply to original research papers submitted for publication from 1 October 2014. Where APCs are met through COAF funding is available for non-commissioned reviews and original research papers. Where APCs are met by Arthritis Research UK funding is only available for original research papers.

Arthritis Research UK’s open access policy does not extend to editorials, letters, commissioned reviews, scholarly monographs, conference proceedings or book chapters nor does it cover additional page charges or colour plate charges.

Guidance to support researchers in complying with this policy can be found in our step to step guide to making your paper open access

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