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Reporting the outcomes of your research

As a charitable funder, it is critically important that we gain an understanding of what has been acchieved from the research that we fund.  This helps us plan our research strategy, ensure that we are meeting the broad aims of the charity and that we can communicate the benefits of research to patients and our supporters.

Arthritis Research UK is changing the way in which it asks its researchers to report the outcomes of their research. Previously most grants reported through the RAND-Arthritis Research UK Impact Scoring System (RAISS), an online questionnaire. Arthritis Research UK is now moving to the questionnaire-based reporting system Researchfish (

Why are we changing and what is Researchfish?  We are aware that our grant holders are being asked to report on their research to a host of different funding agencies. To minimise this burden, while still meeting our need for information on the research we fund, we decided to move to Researchfish. Researchfish is an online questionnaire system which captures the outcomes and impacts of funded research and is used by many other funders. Grant holders will only have one Researchfish account and each funder can only see the outcomes reported to their own grants. Grant Tracker remains unchanged as our application and grants management system.

Our success in demonstrating the benefits of the research funded by the charity directly impacts our fundraising success and hence our ability to support further research. Given the importance for the charity, it is a condition of funding that grant-holders provide information about the outcomes of their research on request. Failure to comply may result in Arthritis Research UK withholding payment of any instalment of the Grant until the non-compliance is remedied.

Researchfish and other reporting: Some types of grants already provide regular progress reports. In some cases, such as PhD Studentships, Researchfish will entirely replace the progress reports and instead grant holders will receive advice as to any additional information they should provide in Researchfish specific to their type of grant.

Where progress or other reports are still required, grant holders will only be asked to provide information that has not already been captured in Researchfish. Hence you will not be asked to provide the same information twice.

Researchfish reporting for Clinical Studies:  There is no requirement to present content that is equivalent to the Clinical Studies Progress Report in Researchfish. Researchfish has no section to present such progress information and this is not expected to be documented in the ‘Further Information - Other Information’ section of Researchfish. For Clinical Studies grants the Researchfish ‘Further Information’ section questions 1-6 do not need to be completed until the end of the grant. If the grant is still ongoing please enter this text: ‘Please refer to Clinical Study Progress Report’ in response to these questions. Information relating to impact and outputs in Researchfish must be considered for completion as fully as possible by Clinical Studies grants and can be entered at any time. As is the case for other grants, an annual submission is required in Researchfish for which a reminder will be sent.

Some grant types, such as Centres, are not being added to Researchfish at this time and reporting will continue as before.

We recognise that recently awarded grants may have little to report but we do ask that you complete your Researchfish update as fully as possible and submit by the required date.

You will be contacted if you are required to report through researchfish but if you are unsure of the reporting requirements for your grant please contact

For details on how to set up and use your Researchfish account to make your reports, please see our Researchfish Guidance.

Grant Tracker

Arthritis Research UK launched a new application and grants management system, Grant Tracker, which must be used to apply for funding to any of our schemes.


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