Open access funding

An important part of Arthritis Research UK’s mission is to ensure that the results of the research we fund can be accessed, free of charge, by the widest possible audience. To facilitate this, all of our grant-holders must ensure, as a condition of their award, that the final versions of papers accepted for publication are made available in PubMed Central (PMC) and its Europe-based linked repository, Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC), within six months of publication. Many publishers will automatically deposit papers into PMC soon after publication; others will offer deposition only on payment of an open access fee. Arthritis Research UK offers to pay open access fees if the grant-holder’s institution does not have open access funding arrangements, and when the research is attributable wholly or substantially to Arthritis Research UK funding. Please note Arthritis Research UK will not cover the costs of page charges. Please refer to our open access policy for more information and a step by step guide to making your paper open access.

How to apply for open access funding
You may apply for open access funding at any time during or after the completion of a grant. 

  • To apply, access the relevant grant details in Grant Tracker
  • Find the relevant grant record, then select ‘Additional awards’ from the left hand tool bar
  • Select ‘Publication charges’ from the drop-down list headed ‘New award application’
  • Complete and submit the form, attaching the open access invoice issued by the publisher. 

It is important that open access invoices are addressed to Arthritis Research UK, not to the grant-holder.

If you require assistance or advice about the application process or further information about our open access policy, please contact