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Researchers to further pinpoint the genetic causes of osteoarthritis

25 February 2013

Scientists in Newcastle are to carry out further research into the genetic origins of osteoarthritis, following their major breakthrough last year. John Loughlin, professor of musculoskeletal research and research fellow Dr Louise Reynard from Newcastle University have been awarded four new grants with a combined value of more than £730,000 from medical research charity Arthritis Research UK.

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Researcher to create a "pain garden" website to help people with chronic pain

21 February 2013

An Arthritis Research UK-funded researcher is creating a new website that will help people with chronic musculoskeletal pain understand their pain better. Professor Denis Martin from Teesside University in Middlesbrough aims to develop a “pain garden” website using the concept of gardening to illustrate more complex concepts about pain.

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First-in-human trial of a new drug for arthritis

08 February 2013

Arthritis Research UK researchers at King’s College have launched a first-in-human clinical trial of a low-cost therapy that uses the patient’s own immune system to fight rheumatoid arthritis.

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Cardiff researchers find clues to help take the pain away from people with joint problems

07 February 2013

Researchers in Cardiff funded by medical research charity, Arthritis Research UK, have found new clues which could help reduce joint damage for the eight million people affected by osteoarthritis in the UK and for people with sports injuries. Researchers hope that the findings from their work will help physiotherapists to suggest new ways for people with joint damage to exercise.

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Researchers to harness social networking to spread awareness of arthritis in children

31 January 2013

Arthritis Research UK-funded researchers in Newcastle are hoping to harness the power of social networking to get across important messages about how arthritis can affect children and teenagers, working with patients, health professionals and local filmmakers to develop and pilot two videos.

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One third of New Year fitness drives falter by February

29 January 2013

A new survey released today (29th January) by Arthritis Research UK and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has found that over a third of people (34%) in Great Britain who started a fitness drive in January last year, had stopped or reduced the amount of exercise they were doing by February, just one month into their new regime.

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More funding for primary care research centre to underpin shift in care of arthritis patients

22 January 2013

Arthritis Research UK has awarded a further five years of funding of £2.2m to its national primary care centre, which aims to improve the way that people with common musculoskeletal conditions are treated in GP surgeries.

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Parasite molecule discovered by Scots scientists may help fight painful arthritis

10 January 2013

The anti-inflammatory properties of a molecule secreted by parasitic worms found in the tropics could be used as a new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, according to a study from Scottish scientists funded by medical research charity, Arthritis Research UK.

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New report on complementary therapies for arthritis reveals lack of scientific evidence

09 January 2013

A new report into the effectiveness of complementary therapies, commonly used for treating arthritis, has found a lack of scientific evidence to support their use.

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London physiotherapist to investigate how exercise may improve well-being of people with arthritis

02 January 2013

An academic physiotherapist from London is embarking on a research project to examine how exercise can benefit the well-being of people with arthritis.

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