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Arthritis news

Arthritis Research UK is the resource for anyone looking for the latest news in the fight against arthritis. We’re providing answers today and tomorrow toward a future free from arthritis.

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Anti-inflammatory drugs 'could help to treat depression as well as arthritis'

21 October 2016

Anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis may have an antidepressant effect, according to a UK study.

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Long-term study highlights benefits and limitations of knee replacement surgery

19 October 2016

An Arthritis Research UK-backed study has demonstrated the long-term pain relief benefits of total knee replacement surgery, as well as the factors that can have an impact on the treatment's effectiveness.

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New study shows role of protein in rheumatoid arthritis onset

10 October 2016

An Arthritis Research UK-backed study has demonstrated how the mutation of a certain protein could play a key role in the development of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Overall health, smoking and weight 'can affect mortality risk after a fracture'

10 October 2016

People's overall health, smoking habits and body mass status can have an impact on exacerbating the mortality risk associated with hip fractures, according to research.

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Nanoparticle injections show promise as treatment for osteoarthritis

03 October 2016

A new study has shown how injecting nanoparticles into an injured joint to suppress inflammation could be an effective means of treating osteoarthritis in future.

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Certain painkillers 'could increase risk of heart failure'

30 September 2016

A new study has offered evidence that NSAIDs, a commonly used class of painkillers, could be increasing people's risk of heart failure.

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New discovery about cellular root of inflammation 'could aid arthritis treatment'

29 September 2016

A new breakthrough in understanding the cellular processes underpinning a range of inflammatory diseases could aid the development of new therapies for conditions such as arthritis in future.

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New guidance calls for more tailored care for people with multiple conditions

28 September 2016

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has published new guidance calling for patients with multiple conditions to receive more tailored and personalised treatment strategies.

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CBT 'can help chronic pain patients get better sleep'

23 September 2016

Cognitive behavioural therapy has been shown to offer benefits for people with chronic pain due to conditions such as arthritis who are suffering from insomnia - a problem that can otherwise make their pain worse.

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Government £40 million investment for arthritis research

15 September 2016

More than £40 million will be rewarded to arthritis-related research projects over the next five years, the government has announced.

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