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New treatment for psoriatic arthritis approved

26 January 2015

Otezla - an oral treatment for psoriatic arthritis - has been approved by the European Commission.

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Trial finds knee brace helps osteoarthritis patients

23 January 2015

A study has found wearing a brace can reduce pain and BML volume in PF osteoarthritis of the knee.

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Combined chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride ‘effective treatment for knee osteoarthritis’, study finds

23 January 2015

A study has compared the effectiveness of combining chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride with use of the drug celecoxib.

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Rituximab demonstrates effectiveness in treating childhood lupus

21 January 2015

A new study has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of rituximab among children affected by lupus.

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New microcapsule offers potential osteoarthritis treatment benefits

20 January 2015

A new Arthritis Research UK-funded study has highlighted the potential offered by a new type of microcapsule to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis.

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New stem cells show potential to regenerate bone and cartilage

19 January 2015

Stem cells capable of regenerating bone and cartilage have been discovered in mice, potentially opening the door for future treatment options for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

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New steroid research opens door for new treatments with fewer side effects

16 January 2015

US researchers have identified a key mechanism that steroids use to reduce inflammation, opening the door for the development of new anti-inflammatory drugs that avoid the harmful side effects of steroids.

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Anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac goes prescription-only in UK

15 January 2015

Diclofenac tablets, which are used to treat pain and inflammation, are to be reclassified as a prescription-only medicine in the UK.

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Women with better life satisfaction 'less susceptible to osteoporosis'

14 January 2015

Older women who are satisfied with their lives generally have a higher bone density and are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis, according to research.

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Web-based interventions 'can deliver better outcomes for rheumatoid arthritis'

13 January 2015

A web-based intervention with social support features and a gamified design has been shown to help rheumatoid arthritis patients to achieve better outcomes.

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