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Arthritis news

Arthritis Research UK is the resource for anyone looking for the latest news in the fight against arthritis. We’re providing answers today and tomorrow toward a future free from arthritis.

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Innovative scaffold offers potential for long-term joint injury repair

18 September 2015

An integrated two-part scaffold for implantation into damaged joints has been developed that could aid long-term repair of the cartilage and bone.

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Hip fracture surgery 'linked with higher death rates than hip replacement'

17 September 2015

A new study has highlighted underlying factors that lead to a higher risk of death following hip fracture surgery than hip replacement.

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Yoga 'can improve arthritis symptoms and mood'

16 September 2015

Yoga has the potential to address symptoms and improve the mood of people with arthritis, according to a new study.

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Tocilizumab shows benefits in comparative study of rheumatoid arthritis therapies

16 September 2015

A study of the relative efficacy of biologic agents indicated for use as monotherapy in rheumatoid arthritis has indicated that tocilizumab offers the best chance of success.

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NICE draft guidance recommends treatments for arthritis of the spine

15 September 2015

New NICE draft guidance has recommended a number of treatments for types of arthritis that affect the spine for NHS usage.

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Physical activity in children 'linked with lower bone fracture risk'

14 September 2015

A seven-year study of more than 3,500 children has shown that increased physical activity can be associated with a lower fracture risk.

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Fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis 'can be improved with successful treatment'

09 September 2015

High fatigue levels in rheumatoid arthritis patients may be improved with treatment, indicating a link with disease activity, according to a new study.

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Joint pain 'linked to changes in weather'

08 September 2015

A new European study has indicated that a causal relationship exists between joint pain and weather variables.

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Vertebroplasty 'can be as effective in treating osteoporosis as kyphoplasty'

04 September 2015

Vertebroplasty operations may be just as effective a means of spine augmentation for osteoporosis patients when compared to the more expensive and widely used kyphoplasty, a new study has shown.

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New study offers positive verdict on NSAID safety for arthritis patients

03 September 2015

A new study has offered evidence that using NSAIDs to treat arthritis should be considered safe from a cardiovascular and gastrointestinal standpoint.

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