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Arthritis news

Arthritis Research UK is the resource for anyone looking for the latest news in the fight against arthritis. We’re providing answers today and tomorrow toward a future free from arthritis.

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New treatment option for psoriatic arthritis recommended for routine NHS use

19 January 2017

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recommended that the drug Otezla be made available on the NHS as a treatment for psoriatic arthritis.

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Older arthritis patients 'can benefit from 45 minutes of activity per week'

13 January 2017

Older adults who suffer from arthritis can benefit from engaging in just 45 minutes of activity per week, according to a new study.

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Evolution could increase arthritis risk, study suggests

12 January 2017

Researchers from the University of Oxford have warned arthritis could become more commonplace among humans if evolutionary trends continue.

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Workplace adjustments 'can help rheumatoid arthritis patients return to work'

14 December 2016

Workplace adjustments can help people with rheumatoid arthritis return to work when they want to, according to a new Arthritis Research UK-backed study.

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Running 'may reduce knee inflammation and protect against osteoarthritis'

13 December 2016

New research has uncovered evidence that running may actually help to lower inflammation in the knee joints, delaying the development of osteoarthritis.

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Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis 'genetically distinct from other forms'

09 December 2016

A new Arthritis Research UK-funded study has indicated that systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis is genetically distinct from other forms of JIA, suggesting it needs to be classified and treated differently.

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Immune cells 'play a role in increasing heart disease risk for people with lupus'

07 December 2016

An Arthritis Research UK-funded study has demonstrated how certain immune cells play a role in making lupus patients more susceptible to heart disease.

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Dietary fibre intake 'can help prevent development of knee pain'

07 December 2016

A person's dietary intake of fibre can help alleviate the development of moderate and severe knee pain, according to a new report.

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Bone scanning for osteoporosis 'could be used to predict hip fractures'

29 November 2016

An Arthritis Research UK-backed study has highlighted the role that osteoporosis plays in causing bone weakness that leads to fractures.

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New fibroblast study offers insights in rheumatoid arthritis treatment

25 November 2016

An Arthritis Research UK-funded study has shed light on the role that fibroblasts play in the development of rheumatoid arthritis, potentially suggesting new approaches to treating the disease.

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