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Melatonin 'could help strengthen bones in older people'

29 May 2014

Melatonin supplements have shown the potential to make bones stronger, suggesting they could possibly help to protect against osteoporosis.

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Common comorbidities 'can increase hip fracture risk in older men'

27 May 2014

Common comorbidities including diabetes, COPD, cerebrovascular disease, renal failure, and HIV infection can increase the risk of hip fracture among older men.

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3D printing and stem cells used in new hip replacement surgery technique

22 May 2014

A groundbreaking hip operation using a 3D-printed implant and bone stem cell graft has been carried out for the first time in Southampton.

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New endocannabinoid treatment pathway for osteoarthritis discovered

21 May 2014

A UK study has discovered a potential new method of treating osteoarthritis through stimulation of the endocannabioid system, found in the synovial tissue and fluid that surround joints.

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Modern treatments for childhood arthritis 'deliver positive outcomes'

20 May 2014

A new Canadian study has shown the majority of juvenile idiopathic arthritis managed using contemporary treatments are able to achieve positive outcomes.

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New protein discovery sheds light on rheumatoid arthritis progression

19 May 2014

Scientists have discovered a pair of protein molecules that play a crucial and hitherto unknown role in the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

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New treatment strategies 'could aid rheumatoid arthritis patients with fertility issues'

16 May 2014

A new study has shed light on the disease and treatment factors affecting fertility in rheumatoid arthritis patients, offering new insights into possible preconception treatment strategies.

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Obesity 'creates problems for patients undergoing knee surgery'

15 May 2014

Obesity has been associated with longer hospital stays and higher costs among total knee replacement patients in a new study.

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New online gout resource to help improve UK awareness of disease

14 May 2014

A new online resource is being launched to help raise awareness of the disease and educate people on how painful the condition can be.

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Being overweight 'decreases chances of successful rheumatoid arthritis treatment'

14 May 2014

Being overweight significantly decreases the chance of achieving a good response to treatment in the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis, according to a study.

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