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Study shows weight loss improves joint replacement outcomes

18 March 2014

Clarity PR has been hired by UBM Live to generate publicity for June's London Technology Week.

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Teenagers who undergo knee surgery can have increased osteoarthritis risk

17 March 2014

Research shows the link between teenage knee surgery and osteoarthritis.

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New therapy option for psoriatic arthritis available now in England and Wales

14 March 2014

The drug Cimzia, also known as certolizumab pegol, has been launched in England and Wales this week for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, having shown benefits in clinical trials.

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Outpatient orthopaedic surgeries 'a safe and viable option'

13 March 2014

Research from the US has showed that orthopaedic procedures done on an outpatient basis are delivering generally comparable outcomes to those performed on patients staying in hospital.

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New study shows societal benefits of surgery for back pain

13 March 2014

A new US study has demonstrated the long-term societal benefits back surgery can offer, particularly the positive impact it can make on workplace productivity and absenteeism rates.

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Hip replacement surgery 'safe for nonagenarian patients'

12 March 2014

A new study has indicated that total hip replacement surgery ought to be considered safe for patients over the age of 90.

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Hip and knee replacements 'can lead to better heart health'

11 March 2014

Hip and knee replacements may boost the cardiovascular health of osteoarthritis patients who receive them, according to a new study.

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Grouping fibromyalgia patients by severity 'could improve treatment outcomes'

10 March 2014

Developing a unified method of grouping fibromyalgia patients by symptom and severity level would facilitate the appropriate treatment of individuals, according to a new study.

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Minimally invasive surgery 'can offer low back pain benefits'

07 March 2014

New US research has revealed that potential quality of life benefits have been experienced by patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery for low back pain.

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Decreased strength 'can increase older women's risk of wrist fractures'

06 March 2014

Women with wrist fractures have been found to have decreased strength compared to others, putting them at an increased risk of falling and sustaining future fractures - underlining the importance of physical activity to orthopaedic health.

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