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Diabetes revealed as risk factor for knee osteoarthritis progression

23 February 2015

A new study has offered evidence that the presence of diabetes should be considered as a risk factor for knee osteoarthritis progression.

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Osteoarthritis 'more common following ACLR surgery'

20 February 2015

A new study has shown that osteoarthritis is more common in patients undergoing anterior cruciate ligament surgery, particularly in men.

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Jumping exercises 'may be beneficial for osteoarthritis patients'

19 February 2015

Progressive high-impact jumping exercises can improve the cartilage quality of postmenopausal women who may be at risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, according to a Finnish study.

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New molecule discovery opens door for inflammatory disease therapies

18 February 2015

Scientists have identified a promising molecule that blocks a key driver of inflammatory diseases, opening the door for new non-invasive treatments for arthritis, gout and other related diseases.

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Study highlights factors affecting rheumatoid arthritis remission in anti-TNF patients

17 February 2015

A new Swedish study has shown that sustained remission is an uncommon but persistent outcome among rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with anti-TNFs, while also shedding light on factors associated with greater treatment effectiveness.

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Successful osteoporosis treatment 'can reduce mortality risk'

16 February 2015

A new Danish study has demonstrated that the elevated mortality risk in patients with osteoporosis can be mediated by successful treatment.

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Rheumatoid arthritis patients 'can safely discontinue DMARD treatment'

13 February 2015

Rheumatoid arthritis patients in sustained remission can successfully taper or stop treatment with DMARDs without their disease relapsing, according to a study.

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Chondroitin ‘may have small beneficial effect on osteoarthritis'

12 February 2015

A new study has shed light on the small potential benefits that the treatment chondroitin can provide to people with osteoarthritis.

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Smoking 'can undermine efficacy of axial spondyloarthritis treatment'

12 February 2015

A new Swiss study has offered evidence that smoking can impair response rates to anti-TNF therapies among axial spondyloarthritis patients.

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Low back pain 'triggered by physical and mental issues'

11 February 2015

Physical and psychosocial factors - such as awkward positions, distraction and fatigue - can significantly increase the risk of low back pain onset, according to research.

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