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Arthritis news

Arthritis Research UK is the resource for anyone looking for the latest news in the fight against arthritis. We’re providing answers today and tomorrow toward a future free from arthritis.

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Hip osteoarthritis 'often missed by x-ray scans'

10 December 2015

A new study has indicated that signs of hip osteoarthritis are not always detectable via x-ray scans, suggesting people suspected of having the condition may need to be treated regardless of scan results.

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Severe knee osteoarthritis 'increases the risk of damaging falls'

08 December 2015

Patients with severe knee osteoarthritis have been shown to be at greater risk of falling by a new study, underlining the therapeutic benefits of total knee replacements.

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New study highlights advantages of anti-TNFs for psoriatic arthritis

07 December 2015

A new study has shown the long-term efficacy and quality of life benefits of anti-TNF therapies for psoriatic arthritis patients who are not responding to conventional therapy.

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Rheumatoid arthritis patients 'less likely to discontinue biologic therapies'

04 December 2015

A new study has demonstrated lower discontinuation rates associated with biologic and anti-TNF therapies, highlighting their effectiveness in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Certolizumab pegol shows quality of life benefits in rheumatoid arthritis

02 December 2015

A new study has shown the health-related quality of life benefits associated with the rheumatoid arthritis therapy certolizumab pegol.

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Non-adherence to lupus treatment 'can increase cost of care'

01 December 2015

The cost of care for lupus patients is generally higher when they fail to adhere to their prescribed treatment regime, according to a new US study.

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Weight loss surgery 'can lead to better rheumatoid arthritis outcomes'

30 November 2015

Overweight rheumatoid arthritis patients who undergo weight loss surgery generally experience improvements in their condition, according to a new study.

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Nurses 'could help deliver lower-cost treatment for milder arthritis cases'

26 November 2015

It could be more affordable for the treatment of less-active arthritis to be monitored by nurses rather than rheumatologists, according to a new study.

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Differences in back pain 'could help to identify vertebral fractures'

24 November 2015

Differences in the type of back pain experienced by older women could make it easier to identify those who have sustained vertebral fractures without realising it.

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Biologic DMARDs 'can reduce risk of serious infections in rheumatoid arthritis'

20 November 2015

Biologic DMARD therapy can help reduce the risk posed by serious infections among rheumatoid arthritis patients, according to a new study.

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