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Osteoporosis patients 'tend to persist with treatment with denosumab'

25 September 2014

A new study has highlighted the high treatment persistence rates associated with denosumab among osteoporosis patients, thus adding to the effectiveness of the therapy.

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UK researchers create new arthritis therapies that minimise side effects

24 September 2014

A team from Queen Mary University of London have been able to develop antibodies that are specific to damaged arthritic cartilage, meaning they could avoid the side effects associated with other arthritis therapies.

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Bone benefits of calcium for men 'do not continue after supplementation ends'

23 September 2014

The positive impact of calcium supplements on bone mineral density among older men is not generally sustained in any substantial way once supplementation is ceased, according to a new study from New Zealand.

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New biomedical implants 'offer personalised bone healing potential'

22 September 2014

Two international studies led by the University of Malaya have outlined the development of new technology to enable the creation of biomedical implants with the ability to accelerate bone healing in a personalised manner.

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New treatments to drive rheumatoid arthritis drug market growth

19 September 2014

The rheumatoid arthritis drug market will grow significantly in the next ten years, according to new research.

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New osteoporosis drug shows benefits in clinical study

18 September 2014

A new drug called odanacatib has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of osteoporotic hip, spine and non-vertebral fractures in a clinical trial.

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New study highlights osteoporosis treatment failings in over-85s

17 September 2014

A new study carried out in Newcastle has suggested that osteoporosis could be going under-diagnosed and under-treated among people over the age of 85.

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Cartilage 'plays active role in rheumatoid arthritis progression'

16 September 2014

Cartilage has been found to play an active role in the destruction and remodeling of joints seen in rheumatoid arthritis, according to researchers from Australia.

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Joint replacements and hip fracture treatment 'have become safer'

15 September 2014

Mortality rates following joint replacements or hip fracture treatment have fallen over the last ten years, according to two new reports.

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High sodium intake and smoking 'linked to increased rheumatoid arthritis risk'

11 September 2014

Smokers who consume too much sodium are at an elevated risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, according to new research from Sweden.

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