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Health services at risk of being overwhelmed by 'arthritis epidemic'

Young man having physiotherapy

The health and social care system in England is likely to be overwhelmed with the rapidly increasing numbers of people with osteoarthritis, according to a new report from Arthritis Research UK.

Kimme Hyrich

Arthritis patients failing to take expensive, effective medication

Large numbers of people with severe rheumatoid arthritis are failing to take expensive medication as prescribed, according to a new multi-centre study.

A man having his ankle strapped up

Surgery to repair severe heel fractures is ineffective

Commonly performed surgery to mend severe heel fractures is no more effective than non-surgical treatment, according to the results of an Arthritis Research UK-funded clinical trial.

Professor Paul Emery with a plastic joint

Investigation of ‘devastating’ palindromic rheumatism

A leading Leeds-based arthritis expert has won funding from Arthritis Research UK to investigate a ‘devastating’ but poorly-understood form of the condition.

Personal health budgets - Arthritis Research UK reports

Personal Health Budgets - perspectives from people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions

A new report from Arthritis Research UK calls for the needs of people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions to be taken into account.

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