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How long will the new hip joint last?

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Your new hip should allow you virtually normal, pain-free activity for many years. Around 80% of cemented hips should last for 20 years. Younger, more active patients often get cementless hip replacements and these may last longer, although this isn't confirmed in long-term studies.

Revision surgery

Repeat hip replacements are possible and great advances have been made in this type of surgery in recent years. Revision surgery is more complex than the original operation, the time in hospital is longer and the results are slightly less good with each revision. Even so, over 80% of patients report success for 10 years and more.

Some revisions may need a bone graft, where a piece of bone is taken from another part of the body or from a donor patient to help replace bone loss. Bone grafts may need protection from movement, and this might mean that you’ll be on crutches for longer. However, the eventual result is usually good.

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