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Arthritis pain relief

Short-wave diathermy worked for my painful shoulder

I had an accident in Rome last year and injured my shoulder quite badly. My insurance company sent me to a sports medicine specialist, and he prescribed short-wave diathermy (SWD).

I had to place my forearm on a well-greased 10-inch square metal plate and then an electric current was applied to my shoulder for about 30 minutes. There was a warming sensation.

Within four days, as long as I was careful in moving my shoulder, I was almost pain free.

I had ultrasound treatment when I came back. It was much quicker to administer but didn't give the same instant relief. My physiotherapist told me that SWD was trialled in the UK, but the machine was too expensive, and the treatment time too long! I’d definitely use it again – I found it a great help.
Maureen Dartnall, via email

Ice pack in a hot-water bottle!

Like many people with rheumatoid arthritis I find ice packs reduce heat from inflamed joints. However, my symptoms can worsen at night, creating difficulties getting up to get the ice packs from the freezer downstairs. So I fill a hot-water bottle with cold water, keep it beside my bed, use when needed, it works as good as ice!
Pamela Walker, Berwick-upon–Tweed, Northumberland (Spring 2014)

The Pain Gone pen

I refer to the letter in The Hints Box in the winter edition of Arthritis Today in which Mrs A Salmon of West Chiltington, West Sussex, enquired about a ‘pen’ used to relieve arthritic pain. I've used one for several years and find it most useful. It's called Pain Gone and can be purchased from Tower Health Limited at or 08450 066 077.
Mrs Beryl Carding, Bala, Gwynedd (Spring 2014)

Pilates, exercises, spacers and copper insoles help my knee pain

I'm 81 years old and enjoyed exceptionally good health until last August, when I had to withdraw from a bowls competition due to being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee. Some months before, I could comfortably run the length of the green, and suddenly I could hardly walk across the room.

The solutions offered to me were to take a raft of painkillers, including tramadol (which did not control the pain), or have a new knee. I asked if I could try a cortisone injection and, despite the dismal forecast from the medics, it helped – although the effect only lasted a limited time.

At the same time as we were discussing knee replacements I was told that it was essential to build one’s calf muscles. So I went and obtained some wide (circa 150 mm) rubber strips which are used for Pilates and started doing 50 pushes a day using two together as a loop beneath my left foot. There was some improvement.

My next move was to visit a shop selling standard spacers beneath the shoe to correct one’s balance for about £30, and these also helped a little. I bought a pair of copper shoe inserts and a pair of leather inner soles to be able to use in different pairs of shoes.

I'm now playing bowls regularly, have no pain at all in my left knee, and really cannot still believe this transformation.
Dennis Mardon, via email

Anti-arthritis gloves and magnetic bracelets help my painful hands

I've found relief for osteoarthritis in my hands with anti-arthritis gloves, which are obtainable from Healthy Living ( 0871 724280). I'd got to the stage of not being able to dress myself because my hands were so painful and stiff, but since wearing them I've had no trouble at all.

I also wear a magnetic bracelet. After two weeks I couldn't believe the difference it made to my well-being.
Mrs Mary Cullen, Dawlish, Devon

Hair-thinning treatment has helped my joint pain and stiffness

I'm 66 and suffer from osteoarthritis in my knees. I recently started taking a tablet called Nourkin ( as my hair has started thinning. Within a week my arthritic stiffness and pain had reduced by about 80%. This has allowed me to do heavy housework and physical tasks that were unsuitable prior to taking Nourkin. But the best effect is the looseness of all my joints and the lack of stiffness and pain.
Linda Ware, via email

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