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Tips on antibiotics and arthritis

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I have just read a question about arthritis and antibiotics (Q&A Arthritis Today, 149). I too have experienced a 'cure' when on antibiotics, not just once, but twice. The first time was about a year ago after having antibiotics for a tooth abscess and the second time two weeks ago after having antibiotics for cystitis. On both occasions the arthritis gradually returned after the antibiotics stopped. I am 62 and was fit and active until two years ago when I started with an occasional groin pain and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I have spoken to my GP about this and she has never heard of a connection. It would be interesting to hear from other arthritis sufferers who have had a similar reaction.
Ann McKay, Liverpool

I am replying to the issue raised by Ann McKay of Liverpool who posted the question in the Hints Box in Arthritis Today Autumn 2011. She asked if there's a connection between antibiotics and osteoarthritis. If she visits Road Back Foundation, it has a lot of information about arthritis and other conditions being treated with antibiotics.
Gill Baker, Nailsea, Bristol

In The Hints Box in the autumn issue of Arthritis Today, Ann McKay stated that she experienced a connection between antibiotics and osteoarthritis and was asking if anyone else had had this same experience. Well I have...and I did exactly the same as she did, went to my doctor and said how much better my arthritis is when I am on antibiotics. I too was ignored and felt very upset that no one was listening to me. Can someone please convince the researchers that I did not imagine this! I kept saying that I felt it was clearing up, and like a wound, in that it was healing! Thank goodness someone else can now understand. I have arthritis I both knees. It is the most painful thing to have to live with.
Penny Hastings, Edenbridge, Kent

Editor’s note: Dr Phillip Helliwell will address this issue in the Q&A section of the Summer edition of Arthritis Today.

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