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I was put on Cuprofen for my Dupuytren’s-like trouble. My doctor is trying to prevent me from another operation on the same hand – one for the finger and one for carpal tunnel syndrome. Cuprofen helped with the pain, movement and swelling but having tried arnica gel for other pain I tried it for this and found it excellent. My finger is now straight again and when I use the gel regularly, I have very little trouble with the finger. Also, arnica gel is splendid for my arthritic knee. The pain goes in no time. I had to cancel a holiday last year due to pain and stiffness. Had I used this, as it seems to be a minor miracle, it may have prevented the cancelling of my holiday. I was told that headaches seem to disappear if the temples are rubbed with the gel. I haven’t tried this yet but my health shop owner thinks it is excellent for this. Perhaps other people would like to share their views on this?
Geraldine Taylor, Sherborne, Dorset

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