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What is iloprost and why is it prescribed?

Iloprost is a man-made version of a substance produced naturally in the body. It widens blood vessels and therefore improves blood flow. Read more >

How do I take iloprost and how long does it take to work?

Iloprost is usually given by infusion (drip) in hospital, usually continuously for approximately six hours a day over three to five days in a row. It usually starts to work immediately, but it can sometimes take up to six weeks.

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What are the possible risks and side-effects of iloprost?

The main side-effects of iloprost are facial flushing and headaches, and a fall in blood pressure. It can also cause nausea (feeling sick), vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle cramps and pain in the jaw. Read more >

Can iloprost affect other medications and treatments?

You can take all your usual medications before and after a course of iloprost. However, during a course of iloprost, your doctor will probably recommend that you don’t take certain other medications which also widen the blood vessels or lower blood pressure.

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Can I drink alcohol if I'm on iloprost?

There's no particular reason to avoid alcohol before or after a course of iloprost treatment. However, in the evenings after your infusions you should limit your alcohol intake as it may make the side-effects of iloprost worse.

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Can iloprost affect fertility, pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Current guidelines state that iloprost will only be prescribed to pregnant women in special circumstances if their disease is severe. If you're pregnant or planning to start a family you should tell your doctor before you start treatment on iloprost.

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