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What are the risks of taking febuxostat?

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Will it affect vaccinations?

You can have vaccinations while on febuxostat.

Can I drink alcohol while on febuxostat?

Alcohol increases the level of urate in your blood and so it’s recommended that you should only drink alcohol in small amounts (maximum of 14 units per week for women and 21 units per week for men). You should discuss this with your doctor.

Does febuxostat affect fertility or pregnancy?

It’s rare for women to get gout before the menopause, but febuxostat is unlikely to affect fertility in either women or men. However, we don’t know what effect febuxostat has on an unborn baby and so you shouldn’t take it if you’re pregnant. If you’re planning a family or become pregnant while taking febuxostat you should discuss this with your doctor.

Does it affect breastfeeding?

We don’t know if febuxostat is passed into the breast milk, so you shouldn’t breastfeed if you’re taking the drug.

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