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Psoriatic arthritis

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What is psoriatic arthritis?

Psoriatic arthritis can cause painful inflammation in any of your joints and it’s often associated with a scaly skin condition called psoriasis. Read more >

What are the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis?

Symptoms of psoriatic arthritis include:
  • red, scaly skin rash (psoriasis)
  • stiff, painful joints
  • sausage-like swelling of fingers or toes
  • thickening, discoloration and pitting of your nails
  • pain and swelling at the back of your heel
  • eye inflammation (less frequent)
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What causes psoriatic arthritis?

Psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis are both caused by inflammation. The processes of inflammation are very similar in your skin and your joints. We don’t yet know exactly what triggers the inflammation, although a particular combination of genes makes some people more likely to develop psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Read more >

What is the outlook for psoriatic arthritis?

Psoriatic arthritis can vary a great deal – about a third of people will have a mild form of the condition but others will have more severe symptoms. Read more >

How is psoriatic arthritis diagnosed?

To diagnose psoriatic arthritis, your doctor will examine you and ask if you have a family history of psoriasis. You may also have blood tests to rule out other conditions, and x-rays can sometimes help to confirm the diagnosis.


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What treatments are there for psoriatic arthritis?

Treatments for psoriatic arthritis can include: Read more >

Self-help and daily living for psoriatic arthritis

When you have psoriatic arthritis, keeping to a healthy weight reduces the strain on your joints. Exercising will help, but you’ll need to find the right balance between rest and activity so you don't overdo it. Read more >

Research and new developments for psoriatic arthritis

Recent research has made it possible to look for genes that increase the likelihood of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Read more >


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