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Research and new developments for fibromyalgia

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Arthritis Research UK, alongside the University of Nottingham and local NHS trusts, is supporting the world’s first national centre for research into understanding the mechanisms of pain in musculoskeletal disorders. The Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre aims to:

  • investigate how people experience pain
  • understand the biological basis of pain 
  • develop new drugs to treat pain more effectively 
  • improve the effectiveness of currently available pain-relief drugs
  • investigate basic pathways of pain perception to identify new targets for developing treatments.

Experts in rheumatology, neuro-imaging, psychology, neuropharmacology, neurosciences and orthopaedic surgery will all play major roles in realising the ambitions of the centre.

Arthritis Research UK is also funding a study which aims to identify specific markers which could be used to develop a diagnostic blood test for fibromyalgia.

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