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Winter 2012

Arthritis Today

Arthritis Today Winter 2012

Winter 2012

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Professor Gary Macfarlane with Dr Gareth Jones and Professor David Reid

Focus on Aberdeen: Casting a wide net

With funding of £4.5m from Arthritis Research UK, research into musculoskeletal conditions at Aberdeen University is as broad as it’s long, covering inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone diseases and chronic pain. Jane Tadman talks to its leading lights.

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Christopher Houston

Arthritis and Down's Syndrome: there's a link

It is thought that arthritis is six times more common in children with Down’s Syndrome than in healthy children. Despite this, the time it takes to for them to be diagnosed is considerably longer. Arthritis Research UK is now funding research to try and improve the situation. Jane Tadman reports.

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Dr Jonathan Hill

Back to fitness

A new questionnaire that takes just 30 seconds to fill in is having a big impact on the way people with low back pain are treated. Jane Tadman reports.

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People doing yoga

Got back pain? Try yoga

The UK’s largest-ever study into the benefits of yoga for low back pain has proved what yoga practitioners have known anecdotally for years: that specialist yoga works.

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