How can arthritis affect my sleep?

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All forms of arthritis can affect the way you sleep, especially if your condition causes pain that makes it uncomfortable to lie in bed.

  • Back pain or neck pain can cause problems getting to sleep or waking during the night. If your pillow or mattress is too soft or too firm, or if they don’t give you enough support, this can make these problems worse.
  • Osteoarthritis usually causes pain when you’re moving your joints, but it can sometimes cause problems at night as well. This quite often happens if you have osteoarthritis of the hip. Surgeons often take this into account when considering whether you need a joint replacement operation.
  • If you have rheumatoid arthritis you’re more likely to suffer disturbed sleep than people of a similar age who don’t have arthritis. Sleep disturbance is usually worse when your pain is worse, and it’s linked to increased anxiety and depression as well as morning stiffness and fatigue.
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