Professor Alan Silman

Medical Director since January 2007

Alan SilmanAlan has responsibility for maximising the impact of the charity through our Policy and Health Promotion work and acts as one of the external ambassadors and spokespeople for the charity.  As the first Medical Director of Arthritis Research UK appointed in 2007 Alan set the strategic direction of the research, education and related activities and more recently has led on our health policy work. 

Alan has been involved in medical research in the musculoskeletal field for the past 30 years, including being Director of the charity’s Epidemiology Unit from 1988 to 2006. Until the end of 2011 he was an active consultant rheumatologist.

Alan is recognised as one of the leading international researchers in musculoskeletal disease, publishing over 600 scientific papers and a number of textbooks.  He has received honorary degrees from Keele University and The University of East Anglia and was elected to a Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2001. Amongst his recent achievements was leading a joint European/North American taskforce to redefine rheumatoid arthritis.

He has had numerous advisory roles, to both national and international organisations in relation to musculoskeletal disease research and health and has chaired a number of committees in such a capacity.