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Neck pain

Common aches and pains

We explain the common causes of pain in different parts of the body, how they're diagnosed and the importance of self-help measures.

Diet and arthritis

Diet and arthritis

There’s a great deal of advice about diets and nutritional supplements that claim to help arthritis. We explain what’s most likely to help, what might help, and what probably won’t help.

Lady with tablets

Complementary and alternative medicines

We explain the most common compounds and manual therapies, the conditions they might help with and how to find a reliable practitioner.

Hints and tips

Read helpful hints from other people who have arthritis.

Q and A

Dr Philip Helliwell answers your questions about arthritis.

Inflammatory arthritis pathway

A useful guide for every stage of your journey, from first noticing symptoms to receiving specialist care.

Data and statistics

Read statistics about how common musculoskeletal conditions are, and their burden on UK general practice.

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